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๐Ÿงช Testing A Flow Test

Testing a flow can be done through the fluttium test command. This command will read the fluttium.yaml file, apply any of the configuration it has to the driver, and run the given flow file.

fluttium test my_flow.yaml

The output of this command reflects the success state of the user flow. Each step will be executed, and if one step fails, it will stop executing steps and indicate which step failed with a potential reason.

Watching flow testsโ€‹

Fluttium can also watch for any changes to either the flow file or the Flutter project, allowing us to hot reload whenever changes are detected:

fluttium test my_flow.yaml --watch

The fluttium test command has options to override settings in the fluttium.yaml file. For the full overview of options run:

fluttium test --help