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🧠 Advanced

Fluttium provides a set of actions that will allow for more advanced flow setups, use these at your own discretion.



The wait action should only be used as a last resort. Fluttium exposes actions that help with waiting for elements to be visible and those should be used instead if that is your goal.

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to wait for a certain amount of time, for instance when you want to wait until an audio fragment is done playing. For this Fluttium introduces the wait action. This action will wait for a certain amount of time before moving on to the next step.

The full YAML syntax of this action is as followed:

- wait:
days: 1 # why would you do this?
hours: 1
minutes: 2
seconds: 50
milliseconds: 500
microseconds: 50

The short-hand syntax for this action is:

- wait: 500 # By default it uses milliseconds